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           Changzhou Tianren Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Changzhou City, the west gate of Chang Jin Zou towns on the road; company was founded in February 2005, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, fixed assets 8,200,000 and currently employs more than 60 people, Various types of professional and technical personnel and 23. 
      The company mainly engaged in construction lifts, tower cranes in general manufacturing, leasing, installation, maintenance and transformation of one-stop services; has a construction lift (SCD200/200, SC200/200), QTZ63 common type of tower crane, hoist materials (GJT10A ) Of the three major series, as well as the People's Republic of special equipment, Inspection and Quarantine issued by the General Administration of manufacture, maintenance and transformation of production licenses. 
      Products have been adopted by the National Building construction machinery Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center. 
    SCD200/200, SC200/200 construction type of lift is a rack and pinion drive by the people of dual-use goods elevators, is widely used in building construction and other fields. 
      SCD200/200 two dual-motor-driven, two-reducer, two separate devices, each have a DC motor electromagnetic brakes, and brake friction gap of automatic tracking, which improves, the braking performance to make it stable and reliable. Steel structure design-to-date information at home and abroad, well-designed, science, with a light weight, high strength, good stiffness characteristics to the domestic advanced level. The product is equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as anti-dropping security, short-circuit protection, with lack of protection, hoists, and a minimum limit-switch, hoists at the end of the cage door and door protection with the protection of electrical and mechanical interlocking In order to further improve the safety performance of the lift installed QX-Z-limiter from the weight of the system, when the weight reached Weight restrictions, to issue a timely warning of overloading and limit alarm automatically cut off the circuit so that the lift can not operate fully to ensure that the use of lifts. 
      GJT10A derrick-type material is my Hoist plant according to the national standard GB1005-GB10056 "construction hoist," the industry standard JGJ88-92 "construction safety inspection standards" specially designed for a cheap, safe and practical, convenient cargo Assembly and Disassembly With the construction of lifts are used for high-rise building construction materials for vertical transportation. 
      QTZ63 tower crane is up from the company, according to JG/T5037-93 "tower crane classification" from the standard design of a new generation of self-rise tower crane, and its performance parameters and technical indicators leading to the international advanced level in the new century, The work of the largest margin 56m, the largest rise since a high degree of 140m, the largest since the weight of 6t, the main characteristics: ① It has a small chassis, chassis fixed, attached to various forms of installation, the boom has 56m, 50m, 44m three Kind of a long arm, the largest since 6t weight from the weight of nominal torque for 630KN.m, aircraft and space operations of the existing QTZ80 tower crane at the same level. ② work of the high-speed, good speed, the hoisting mechanism by three-plus single-speed motor speed ratio me slow down, be able to achieve the heavy-duty low-speed, high-speed light load, the maximum speed of up to 80m/min, traction car agencies cited the level of load in the car And from the arm to achieve variation, with a good performance in place of the installation, use of body rotation planet reducer, the fluid coupling configuration, since a stable braking. ③ full range of security devices, electronic control system with a black box recorder, the work of the agencies have brakes, working to ensure safe and reliable. ④ cab for the space-independent external vision, and internal space, to the operator to create a good environment. ⑤ whole layout is reasonable, attractive appearance. 
      QTZ63 tower crane work, a wide range of small to be on behalf of large construction equipment, greatly reduces the cost of Taiwan's ban. 
      In the face of the company a highly competitive market, science and technology as the guide, in order to upgrade products as a means to the modern enterprise system based on the continuous development of high efficiency, high-tech mechanical products, construction, operation and management to strengthen and expand the operation scale to promote business To the constant high-level development, the construction industry to provide first-class products and services.

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